Sentence Examples

  • - Sagittal Median Section of Bladder, Prostate and Rectum, showing one of the ejaculatory ducts.
  • On the other hand, the ejaculatory duct with its verticillate sac in the male of Cypris and other genera is a feature scarcely less remarkable.
  • In the anterior part of the gland are seen bundles of striped muscle fibres, which are of interest when the comparative ana Ampulla of vas deferens tomy of the gland Cut end of great sacrois studied: they are 1 sciatic ligament Common ejaculatory duct Levator ani than in old prostates.
  • Close to the opening of the utriculus the ejaculatory ducts, already mentioned, open into the urethra by very small apertures.
  • - Transverse Section of a young Prostate, showing wavy striped muscle in front, urethra in the middle, and the two ejaculatory ducts behind.