Sentence Examples

  • Lauth and other Egyptologists, and have been referred to as the two most ancient maps in existence.
  • Scholars in England, America and Denmark, as well as in Germany, have taken part in this great enterprise, and though the completion of it may be far off, the collections of classified material already made are very valuable for consultation.i At present Egyptologists depend on Heinrich Brugschs admirable but somewhat antiquated Wrterbuch and on Levis useful but entirely uncritical Vocabolario.
  • 15), which is said by Egyptologists to be the oldest poem in the world, carries us back at once to the dawn of history.
  • Now one of the kings, who corresponds with Amenhotep IV., is Burnaburiash (Burna-buryas), king of Babylon, and Egyptologists and Assyriologists are agreed that the date of these monarchs was c. 1400 B.C. The conquest of Canaan, consequently, could not have taken place till after 1400 B.C. (ii.) It is stated in Ex.
  • Egyptologists are at variance on the question whether this alphabet was the original, or had any influence upon the development of the Phoenician alphabet.