Sentence Examples

  • EDAM, a town of Holland in the province of North Holland, close to the Zuider Zee, about 13 m.
  • The facades are frequently adorned with carvings and inscriptions, one of which records the legend of the capture of a siren in 1403, who lived for some time among the people of Edam, but escaped again to the sea.
  • Edam has some trade in timber, while shipbuilding, rope-spinning and salt-boiling are also carried on.
  • Edam took its name and origin from the dam built on the little river Ye which joined the great Purmer lake close by.
  • In the next century Edam was a great shipbuilding centre, and nearly the whole of Admiral de Ruyter's fleet was built here; but in the same century the harbour began to get blocked up, and the importance and industrial activity of the city slowly waned.