Sentence Examples

  • Hollywood DUI arrests are becoming commonplace these days - everyone from [Lindsay Lohan's DUI Arrest |Lindsay Lohan]] to Paris Hilton to Kiefer Sutherland have been caught drinking and driving.
  • Nicole Richie has been in the spotlight several times over the last few years for her feuds with gal pal Paris Hilton, her rumored eating disorder and finally for her two DUI arrests.
  • Take your pick: Paris Hilton was arrested for DUI in September, Britney Spears was photographed sans panties, and Lindsay Lohan joined Alcoholics Anonymous to get back on track.
  • The recovered Ma Wang Dui manuscript, buried in 168 BC, pretty much mirrors the content of the texts that we use today with a few changes in the ordering of the hexagrams.
  • Mel Gibson received three years probation, and agreed to attend a 90-day alcohol-abuse program and 12 months of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for a July 2006 DUI arrest.