Sentence Examples

  • The king (Kwaka Dua I.), who had succeeded Osai Okoto in 1838, was a peace-loving monarch who encouraged trade, but in 1852 the Ashanti tried to reassert authority over the Fanti in the Gold Coast protectorate, and in 1863 a war was caused by the refusal of the king's demand for the surrender by the British of a fugitive chief and a runaway slave-boy.
  • "The white men" (said Kwaka Dua) "bring many cannon to the bush, but the bush is stronger than the cannon."
  • In April 1867 Kwaka Dua died, and after an interval of civil war was succeeded by Kofi Karikari, who on being enstooled swore, "My business shall be war."
  • In 1883 a revolution displaced that monarch, who was succeeded by Kwaka Dua II.
  • At length, after a desolating civil war, Prince Prempeh - who took the name of Kwaka Dua III.