Sentence Examples

  • According to The Essential Herb-Drug-Vitamin Interaction Guide: The Safe Way to Use Medications and Supplements Together (Random House of Canada 2007) there is no identified standard dosage for apple cider vinegar.
  • According to Holistic Online, an online resource for information on homeopathy and herbal remedies, the recommended St. John's Wort dosage if you're taking it as an antidepressant, is 300 mg three times per day.
  • Biphasic has a 21-day pill pack featuring two different amounts of hormone combinations throughout the three-week cycle, and triphasic has a 21-day pill pack with three different hormone dosage amounts throughout the three-week cycle.
  • According to the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, the recommended daily allowance for vitamin C is 75 mg per day for adult females and 90 mg for adult males; however, smokers need a slightly higher daily dosage.
  • Because the body cannot store Vitamin K for long periods of time or in large doses, the best way to ensure a proper dosage of the nutrient is through a balanced, healthy diet that includes foods high in Vitamin K at each meal.