Sentence Examples

  • Likewise, your chest extends (pushes) a weight, while your latissimus dorsi flexes (pulls) the weight.
  • The posterior patagium, the fold between trunk and inner surface of the upper arm, is stretched by the metapatagialis muscle, which is composed of slips from the serratus, superficialis, latissimus dorsi and the expansor secundariorum muscles.
  • Algae life, Oltmanns distinguishes bush-forms, whip forms, net-forms, leaf-forms, sack-forms, dorsi-ventral forms, and cushions, plates and crusts.
  • Enteromorpha, Asperococcus and Adenocystis are sack-forms. Dorsi-ventral algae are rare.
  • The cleido-mastoid generally arises from the basi-occipital, and the pectoralis major is connected with the latissimus dorsi.