Sentence Examples

  • His daughters were Dorothea, Recha and Henriette, all brilliantly gifted women.
  • In the same year in which this work appeared, he and his wife Dorothea (1763-1839), a daughter of Moses Mendelssohn, joined the Roman Catholic Church, and from this time he became more and more opposed to the principles of political and religious freedom.
  • Friedrich Schlegel's wife, Dorothea, was the author of an unfinished romance, Florentin (1801), a Sammlung romantischer Dichtungen des Mittelalters (2 vols., 1804), a version of Lother and Mauler (1805), and a translation of Madame de Stael's.
  • On Dorothea Schlegel see J.
  • Raich, Dorothea von Schlegel and deren Seihne (1881); F.