Sentence Examples

  • However, there's also a more interesting Web 2.0-ish aspect to it - a small pull-out window on the bottom of the widget turns Arfie into an "internet watchdog," providing a live feed of other DogPile searches throughout the Internet.
  • Dogpile widgets combine two of the more popular aspects of web 2.0 technologies - the convenience of a widget on your desktop, along with the social awareness that results from using the DogPile search engine.
  • Individual horoscopes are generally just a few sentences long, but unlike many horoscope providers, Dogpile horoscopes include both positive and negative predictions with unusual clarity and detail.
  • For those who don't want to have animations or pictures of cats on their desktop, simpler versions of the DogPile widget are also available that are just a plain search box with "fetch" buttons.
  • As a metasearch engine rather than a standard search engine, Dogpile actually fuses together search results from more than a dozen popular search tools such as Google,, Yahoo!