Sentence Examples

  • (So far the dithyramb of Bacchylides xv.
  • 2 The trenchant remonstrances and fiery outbursts make it indeed "read like a dithyramb from beginning to end."
  • Periander further appears as a patron of literature, for it was by his invitation that the poet Anion came to Corinth to organize the dithyramb.
  • He flourished about 625 B.C. Several of the ancients ascribe to him the invention of the dithyramb and of dithyrambic poetry; it is probable, however, that his real service was confined to the organization of that verse, and the conversion of it from a mere drunken song, used in the Dionysiac revels, to a measured antistrophic hymn, sung by a trained body of performers.