Sentence Examples

  • The Church Act of 186g which disestablished and disendowed the Irish Episcopal Church took away the Presbyterian regium donum.
  • Rufino Barrios (1835-1885), elected in 1873, governed the country after the manner of a dictator; he expelled the Jesuits, confiscated their property and disestablished and disendowed the church.
  • 529, the school of philosophy at Athens was disendowed and the teaching of philosophy forbidden, the scholars Damascius, Simplicius, Priscianus and four others resolved in 531 or 532 to seek the protection of Chosroes, king of Persia, but, though they received a hearty welcome, they found themselves unable to endure a continued residence amongst barbarians.
  • The church of the West Indies was disestablished and disendowed in 1868.

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