Sentence Examples

  • The diortho and dipara dinitro compounds result from the action of alcoholic potash on orthoand para-nitrobenzyl chlorides.
  • Martius yellow, C10H5(N02)20Na H20, the sodium salt of 2.4 dinitro-a-naphthol (for notation see Naphthalene), is prepared by the action of nitric acid on a-naphthol -2.4-disulphonic acid.
  • Penta-oxyanthraquinones have been obtained from purpurin and anthrapurpurin, while a hexaoxyanthraquinone has been obtained from 1.5 dinitro anthraquinone.
  • BENZIDINE (DIPARA-DIAMINO-DIPHENYL),NH 2 C 6 H 4 C 6 H 4 NH2, a chemical base which may be prepared by the reduction of the corresponding dinitro-diphenyl, or by the reduction of azobenzene with tin and hydrochloric acid.