Sentence Examples

  • Thelfirst four substances are readily formed from, and converted into, the corresponding dihydroxy open-chain compound; these substances are truly aliphatic in character.
  • Sulphurous acid reduces it to the corresponding dihydroxy compound.
  • They are readily reduced to the corresponding hydroquinones or para-dihydroxy-benzenes, and also combine with hydroxylamine hydrochloride to form nitrosophenols, ON C 6 H 4.
  • TARTARIC ACID (dihydroxy-succinic acid), C 4 H 6 0 6, or HO 2 C CH (OH) CH (OH) CO 2 H.
  • Dihydroxy-ammonia or nitroxyl, NH(OH) 2, a very unstable and highly reactive substance, has been especially studied by A.