Sentence Examples

  • The term dichasium has also been applied to this form of cyme.
  • Carthusianorum, &c., in which the peduncles are short, and the flowers closely approximated, with a centrifugal expansion, the inflorescence has the form of a contracted dichasium, and receives the name of fascicle.
  • Sometimes, especially towards the summit of a dichasium, owing to the exhaustion of the growing power of the plant, only one of the bracts gives origin to a new axis, the other remaining empty; thus the inflorescence becomes unilateral, and further development is arrested.
  • - Cymose inflorescence (dichasium) of Cerastium collinum; t-t", successive axes.
  • Biparous Cyme (Dichotomous),including 3-5chotomou3 Cymes (Dichasium, Cymose Umbel, Anthela).