Sentence Examples

  • Revivogen Shampoo and Treatment Line has DHT inhibiting products, developed by a licensed dermatologist, and is popular among consumers as it promises results, with only one treatment needed per day.
  • Raztec has a physician formulated ant-inflammatory shampoo and DHT inhibiting spray called Crinagen that when working together can successfully prevent DHT from reaching hair follicles.
  • These products will work for anyone, but are especially helpful for black hair as DHT inhibitors prevent excessive hair damage, which is a common cause of hair loss in black women.
  • Any shampoo that advertises the effective removal of DHT on the scalp or the ability to prevent DHT from reaching the hair follicle, should help prevent hair loss.
  • Regardless of the formulation, these products contain vitamins, antioxidants and certain ingredients designed to remove dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from the scalp.