Sentence Examples

  • This security was the establishment of a Treasury of the Public Debt, known by its French title of Caisse de la Dette, and commonly spoken of simply as the Caisse.
  • The Caisse de la Dette, instituted in May 1876 as a result of the Cave mission, led to international control over a large portion of the revenue.
  • But though Dual Control was at an end, the Caisse de la Dette remained, and this body was to prove a constant clog on the financial measures of the Egyptian government.
  • The power of the Caisse de la Dette, which had virtually controlled the execution of the international agreements concerning the finances, was swept away, together with almost all the other financial fetters binding Egypt.
  • It also managed to engage private interests in state reform by creating the Grand Livre de la Dette Publique (September 1326, 1793), and enlisted peasant and bourgeois savings in social reforms by the distribution and sale of national property.

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