Sentence Examples

  • A station of moderate size may collect goods destined for a great variety of places but not in sufficient quantities to compose a full train-load for any of them, and then it becomes impossible to avoid despatching trains which contain wagons intended for many diverse destinations.
  • Sir George White was nominated to the chief command of the forces in Natal, and sailed on the 16th of September, while active preparations were set on foot in England to prepare against the necessity of despatching an army corps to Cape Town, in which case the chief command was to be vested in Sir Redvers Buller.
  • His well-beloved Florentines were true sons of the church, but must crown their good deeds by despatching the criminals to Rome.
  • The desire of New Zealanders to strike a blow for the mother-country took the practical shape of despatching to South Africa ten successive contingents.
  • Made him his private secretary, in 1793 creating him titular archbishop of Tyre and despatching him to Lucerne as nuncio.

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