Sentence Examples

  • The former was employed by Pennington and Smith and Desi (Zeit.
  • Other buildings or institutions of note are the old and the new bishop's palace, the fine theatre desi ned by Lotario Tomba in 1803, the great hospital dating from 1471, the library presented to the commune in 1846 by the marquis Ferdinando Landi, and the Passerini library founded in 1685.
  • Watt, in his Dictionary of the Economic Products of India, mentions the following eleven varieties of jute fibre: Serajganji, Narainganji, Desi, Deora, Uttariya, Deswal, Bakrabadi, Bhatial, Karimginji, Mirganji and Jungipuri.
  • It was during this reign that the sept of the Desi were expelled from Meath.
  • After reducing the Desi, who were in alliance with the Northmen of Waterford and Limerick, in 984 he subdued Ossory and took hostages from the kings of East and West Leinster.