Sentence Examples

  • Reversing the trends in climate change, pollution, non-renewable resource consumption and resource depletion require a vast majority of the population make changes in their daily lives.
  • Eating living foods rich in enzymes, such as uncooked fruits and vegetables or sprouted seeds, replenishes the enzymes or at least stops the depletion, since the enzymes needed for digestion are included in the foods.
  • If deficiency is due to prolonged depletion, treatment may include injections of magnesium sulfate; if severe enough to provoke convulsions, intravenous infusions may be given.
  • Under the American regime seal fishing off the Aleutians save by the natives has never been legal, but the depletion of the Pribilof herd, the almost complete extinction of the sea otter, and the rapid decrease of the foxes and other fur animals, have threatened the Aleuts (as the natives are commonly called) with starvation.
  • The rapid exhaustion in late years of the caribou, seals and other animals, once the food or stockin-trade of the Aleuts and other races, threatens more and more the swift depletion of the natives.