Sentence Examples

  • The actual results that different customers experienced were based on different factors, including their hair composition, how they applied the creams, and the chemistry of their hair and skin as it reacted with the depilatory cream.
  • Because depilatory creams work by dissolving the hair above the skin and theoretically down to the root as well, it is essential to leave the product thickly slathered onto the hair for several minutes.
  • Plucking and waxing may seem like more effective methods than shaving or depilatory creams when it comes to embarrassing facial hair, but the long term results can be highly counterproductive.
  • A depilatory cream should be applied on clean, dry skin, left on for the recommended amount of time and then wiped off with a towel in a downward motion, taking your hair with it.
  • There are several traditional forms of temporary hair removal , including but not limiting to: shaving, waxing, depilatory creams, and an ancient practice known as threading.

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