Depave meaning

To undo the act of paving; to remove pavement so as to restore the land to a more natural state.
  • 1995 September, Susan Cohn, Green at Work, page 223, Island Press.
    Environmental programs: Depaving; auto free city centers; closure of roads...
  • 1998 October, Jane Holtz Kay, Asphalt Nation: How the Automobile Took Over America and How We Can Take It Back, page 356, University of California Press.
    Hand out a bonus for building on wasted brownfields and depaving asphalt ones; penalize building on greenfields.
  • 2000 March–April, Laird Harrison, "Depaving Paradise", Audubon Magazine.
    Then the town depaved part of a city street and closed another to cars.
  • 2002, Jan Lundberg, "Gasoline Prices and Food: in Context", Culture Change, at
    They depaved their driveway to grow food, and they are proud to own no car, TV or refrigerator.
  • 2003, Richard Register, "Depaving the World", Culture Change, at
    The city has a requirement to provide off-street parking.... UA Homes had real difficulty persuading City Hall to allow us to depave about six places for a garden.
  • 2006 May 28, Paul Cooley of Santa Fe, "Miscellaneous Stuff", Carfree Family, at
    This afternoon, we started depaving the driveway to make room for another garden bed.