Sentence Examples

  • Demagnetizing Force.-It has already been mentioned that when a ferromagnetic body is placed in a magnetic field, the resultant magnetic force H, at a point within the body, is compounded of the force H o, due to the external field, and of another force, Hi, arising from the induced magnetization of the body.
  • Except in the few special cases when a uniform external field produces uniform magnetization, the value of the demagnetizing force cannot be calculated, and an exact determination of the actual magnetic force within the body is therefore impossible.
  • Since I =KH, we have KH I-KNI =KHo, (30) or H =Ho-NI, NI being the demagnetizing force H i.
  • Du Bois (Magnetic Circuit, p. 33), the demagnetizing factor, and the ratio of the length of the ellipsoid 2c to its equatorial diameter 2a (=c/a), the dimensional ratio, denoted by the symbol nt.
  • The demagnetizing force inside a cylindrical rod placed longitudinally in a uniform field Ho is not uniform, being greatest at the ends and least in the middle part.

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