Sentence Examples

  • All you need is a bunch of paper, either from magazines, junk mail or even old wrapping paper, a craft knife and a straight edge, if you want your beads to come out uniform, and plain white glue or decoupage glue.
  • This amazing reference book features a brief overview of crafts to make from A-Z - including activities such as botanical pressing, decoupage, rubber stamping, and making wreaths.
  • Decoupage the boxes to make them a little prettier, and embellish with a symbol of what is inside (stamp the box that's full of rubber stamps with rubber stamps, for instance).
  • Mod Podge decoupage adhesive can be purchased from any large craft store, but you can also decoupage with children's liquid school glue if you're trying to save money.
  • Instead of spending money on expensive and often ugly plastic storage containers, decoupage sturdy cardboard boxes to use as totes for all your household items.