Sentence Examples

  • In the seas, bony fish and crab-like decapods increased in numbers and variety, while pelecypods and gasteropods took the prominent place previously occupied by ammonites and belemnites, and, leaving behind such forms as Rudistes, Inoceramus, &c., they gradually developed in the direction of the modern regional groups.
  • - This order of sessile-eyed decapods was absolutely unknown to science till 1779.
  • The green gland and the structures associated with it in Decapods were at one time regarded as constituting an auditory apparatus.
  • True Decapods are first met with in Mesozoic rocks, the first to appear being the Penaeidea, a primitive group comprising the Penaeidae and Sergestidae, which occur in the Jurassic and perhaps in the Trias.
  • A very curious function sometimes discharged by the antennules or antennae of Decapods is that of forming a respiratory siphon in sand-burrowing species.