Sentence Examples

  • These results offer several different styles of decal including a set of pink Roxy hearts, a black Roxy logo with an orange hibiscus flower, several black and white logo stickers and more.
  • The Fan Section - This decal company may seem like it's dedicated to sports fans and sport decals, but they also offer funny decals, baby-on-board decals, and sporting event decals.
  • The downside to tiles with decals is that the decal may eventually degrade - either discolor, bubble, crack or peel - due to cleaning, water and the heat of the kitchen.
  • In the Cars cartridge, the character vehicles can be cut in a variety of poses along with street signs and the iconic Cars movie title in the shape of a hood decal.
  • While you may not have the ultimate selection you would if you were paying for a car decal, you'll still find plenty of ways to express yourself for free.