Sentence Examples

  • Deb's struggles with Jane's intellect and skill versus Deb's sense of style and black and white ideas of justice are catalogued in the multiple song and dance numbers that occur when Deb /Jane is sleeping.
  • The F Word - Deb gets a taste of Jane's life as a size 16 woman and how the world treats those that don't fit their body image when she defends a waitress fired for gaining 50 pounds.
  • When Deb found herself in a way station to heaven, she disagreed with her angel Fred's assessment of her utter lack of substance (she'd done nothing bad or good throughout her life).
  • The series focuses on the life of former shallow model Deb who finds herself living in Jane's body after she impatiently presses the wrong button in the afterlife.
  • Drop Dead Diva episodes premiered on July 12, 2009 featuring newcomer Brooke Elliot as Jane Bingum, the lawyer ensouled by 24 year old, blonde model Deb Dobkins.