Sentence Examples

  • Nintendo owners can get DDR Mario Mix for the GameCube (25 songs that include remixes of classic Nintendo themes), and if you have a Japanese Game Boy Color (or newer), you can import 5 different Game Boy games for your fingers.
  • Even the Sega Dreamcast has a version of DDR, but you have to import it from Japan and the Dreamcast dance pads are a pain to find if you don't have the PlayStation to Dreamcast adapter.
  • Some of the songs you can find on later versions of DDR, but if you want to be a true DDRist (I guess I made another term up, eh?) with a complete collection, then you need this one.
  • Thus, all the potential for greatness that would have set the Wii version of DDR apart and above the others is squandered on what feels more like a cheap gimmick than anything else.
  • DDR Freak offers song lists, step charts, tournament videos, machine locations for the full-sized arcade version of the game, an online community, and other helpful resources.