Sentence Examples

  • Salerno Acerno, Capaccio-Vallo, Diano, MarsicoNuovo and Potenza, Nocera dci Pagani, Nusco, Policastro.
  • From the general confiscation were exempted the buildings actually used for public worship, as episcopal residences or seminaries, &c., or which had been appropriated to the use of schools, poorhouses, hospitals, &c.; as well as the buildings, appurtenances, and movable property of the abbeys of Monte Casino, Della Cava dci Tirreni, San Martino della Scala, Monneale, Certosa near Pavia, and other establishments of the same kind of importance as architectural or historical monuments.
  • This had the desired effect, and although the Sindacato dci ferrovieri (railway servants union) threatened a general railway strike if the dismissed men were not reinstated, there was no further trouble.
  • Morosi, IOdierno dialetto catalano di Alghero in Sardegna, in, the Miscellanea di filologia dedicate ella memoria dci Prof. Caix e Canello (Florence, 1885), and F.

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