Sentence Examples

  • Clothing for adult women had grown simpler and girls' daywear was also comparatively unadorned, but the layers that had used to distinguish undergarments could now be seen in abbreviated form on dresses for little girls.
  • After about a year of researching in Italy and at various European trade shows I found a special micro fiber and began working with excellent manufacturers in southern Italy to produce underwear and daywear.
  • While you want something that flatters her skin, this can also be a nice opportunity for her to wear something in a color or pattern that she just loves, even if it doesn't suit her for daywear.
  • The clothing reformation movement promoted more practical clothes for women, so many women began wearing blouses over long skirts with matching or contrasting jackets as daywear.
  • You can try a cotton belt for daywear or lightweight clothes and a good leather black belt is necessary for a black tie function, or just evening wear in general.

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