Sentence Examples

  • Tropical Style - With a tropical theme in mind, you can look for daybed covers that feature large, tropical flowers, palm trees, parrots, and images of other things you would see in a tropical paradise.
  • You can prop up the back and use a daybed as a sitting area in your bedroom or even in your living room, and then you drop the back down so it lays flat, so the daybed can be used like a regular bed.
  • You can use this size as a standard guide when you are looking for daybed covers - and indeed if you are looking for bedding exclusively, then you can simply buy bedding made for twin beds.
  • Often disguised as drawers, the trundle bed slides easily out from under the daybed and back in again, saving a lot of space while providing extra sleeping space for guests or children.
  • Daybeds are popular pieces of furniture because of their dual use potential, and they are especially popular for small rooms and apartments, however, a daybed can work in any setting.

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