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  • PETTER DASS (1647-1708), the "father" of modern Norwegian poetry, was the son of Peter Dundas, a Scottish merchant of Dundee, who, leaving his country about 1630 to escape the troubles of the Presbyterian chursh, settled in Bergen, and in 1646 married a Norse girl of good family.
  • Petter Dass was born in 1647 on the island of Nord Hero, on the north coast of Norway.
  • Dass lived here in quietude, with something of the honours and responsibilities of a bishop, brought up his family in a God-fearing way, and wrote endless reams of verses.
  • In 1700 he asked leave to resign his living in favour of his son Anders Dass, but this was not permitted; in 1704, however, Anders became his father's chaplain.
  • The other poems of Petter Dass are less universally read; they abound, however, in queer turns of thought, and fine homely fancies.

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