Sentence Examples

  • DANEGELD, an English national tax originally levied by 'Ethelred II.
  • It continued to be levied until 1163, in which year the name Danegeld appears for the last time in the Rolls.
  • There were special privileges surrounding tenancies of these lands, such as freedom from tolls and duties, exemption from danegeld and amercement, from sitting on juries, &c. Hence, the phrase "ancient demesne" came to be applied to the tenure by which the lands were held.
  • This was the old tax, the Danegeld, in a new and heavier form and there was great difficulty in levying it.
  • In the civil war of Stephen's reign the county suffered severely; the great Roll of the Exchequer of 1165 proves the shire receipts had depreciated in value to two-thirds of the assessment for the Danegeld.

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