Sentence Examples

  • Supernatural and daemonic characteristics, a judgment of God,.
  • If, in the Gnostic systems, these become daemonic or semi-daemonic forces, this points to the fact that a stronger monotheistic religion (the Iranian) had gained the upper hand over the Babylonian, and had degraded its gods to daemons.
  • And here the question arises, how it came about that in the Gnostic systems the Seven appear as subordinate, half-daemonic powers, or even completely as powers of darkness.
  • A combination of the Babylonian with the Persian religion could only be effected by the degradation of the Babylonian deities into half-divine, half-daemonic beings, infinitely remote from the supreme God of light and of heaven, or even into powers of darkness.
  • Grima, a mask or helm, and hiltja or hilta, war) means "the masked warrior woman," and has been taken to prove her to have been originally a mythical, daemonic figure, an impersonation of the powers of darkness and of death.