Sentence Examples

  • Additionally, you can try the Bali No-Slip Strap Underwire bra; Playtex 18-Hour Cottony Comfort bra; Playtex 18-Hour Gel Comfort Underwire bra or the Playtex Secret Seamless Shaping bra.
  • The chief enemy of this little plant, and indeed of all alpine plants with silky or cottony foliage, is moisture in winter, which soon causes it to damp off.
  • FZ: I'm torn in two directions: I love something yummy, soft and cottony, with a bit of lace--and also perhaps a lacy cami with a low-rise boy short.
  • Cotton Grass (Eriophorum) - Sedge-like plants, whose heads of white cottony seeds make them interesting in the bog garden or in wet places in grass.
  • Their boxers are said to be moisture-wicking and "cottony soft," which suggests they are not cotton, although no fabric information is provided.