Sentence Examples

  • The law restricted those under the age of 21 from having easy access to credit by making it a legal requirement for students to have proof of income to repay any borrowed funds or the student must have an adult cosigner on the account.
  • Getting a cosigner can be a great way to obtain first time credit at reasonable interest rates and terms, but keep in mind that this can be a tricky situation and can result in big problems if you don't pay as agreed.
  • Students who need loans or financial aid to pay for college without a cosigner should contact their school's financial aid department for a listing of scholarships, grants and corporate sponsors.
  • Most individuals who are in school will need a cosigner for their account, such as a parent, unless they are over the age of 21 and financially independent from their parents.
  • Costs vary widely for students since many do not have established credit histories, which lead to a lower credit score and the need for a cosigner.

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