Sentence Examples

  • Barbie has access to other vehicles, including a cute Volkswagen Beetle, but for girls for whom nothing less than a sleek sports car will do, a Barbie Corvette is the way to go.
  • The only vehicles that do not have car-pricing flexibility are a newly released model year line, or models that are produced by the manufacturer in a limited supply (like a Z06 Chevy Corvette).
  • Although the tailfins and convertible roof make this model highly desirable for collectors, the Corvette did not earn its way into the American psyche until the debut of the Sting Ray in 1963.
  • People who have purchased a Barbie Corvette for their daughters, granddaughters or other girls in their lives often have one complaint: the car's maneuverability.
  • Being too young to drive doesn't mean you can't represent a classic car, which is why Corvette T-shirts for kids continue to be just as popular as the car itself.