Sentence Examples

  • Plagiocephaly involves early fusion of either the right or left side of the coronal suture, the suture that extends from each ear over the top of the head to the fontanelle.
  • Frequencies of the types of craniosynostosis based on suture classification include: sagittal (50-58%); coronal (20-29%); metopic (4-10%); and lambdoid (2-4%).
  • Coronal suture-Skull suture that lies behind the forehead area, across the head from left side to the right side.
  • Additional paired antennae may occur within the coronal surface, which is the seat of the sensory styles, of less complex structure, which occur in many genera.
  • Thus at Cape Thorsden (7) in 1882-1883 the mean of a considerable number of observations made the angle between the two directions only 1° 7', the magnetic inclination being 80° 35', whilst the coronal centre had an altitude of 79° 55' and lay somewhat to the west of the magnetic meridian.