Sentence Examples

  • Women's ornaments consisted of brooches (fibulae), bracelets (armillae), armlets (armillae, bracchialia), ear-rings (inliures), necklaces (monilia), wreaths (coronae) and hair-pins (crinales).
  • The crowns suspended in churches suggested doubtless the sumptuous pensile luminaries, frequently designated from a very early period as coronae, in which the form of the royal circlet was preserved in much larger proportions, as exemplified by the remarkable corona still to be seen suspended in the cathedral at Aix-laChapelle over the crypt in which the body of Charlemagne was deposited."
  • On the 18th of May 1866 he made the first spectroscopic examination of a temporary star (Nova Coronae), and found it to be enveloped in blazing hydrogen.
  • In the first class we have halos, and coronae, or "glories," which encircle the luminary; the second class includes rainbows, fog-bows, mist-halos, anthelia and mountainspectres, whose centres are at the anti-solar point.
  • Halos are at definite distances (22° and 46 °) from the sun, and are coloured red on the inside, being due to refraction; coronae closely surround the sun at variable distances, and are coloured red on the outside, being due to diffraction.