Sentence Examples

  • The department of Cajamarca lies between the Western and Central Cordilleras and extends from the frontier of Ecuador S.
  • Being, however, required to resume his power, and retain it until the independence of the country had been completely established, he reorganized his troops, and set out from Angostura, in order to cross the Cordilleras, effect a junction with General Santander, who commanded the republican force in New Granada, and bring their united forces into action against the common enemy.
  • Above sea-level, between the western and central Cordilleras, and on the main road between Lima and Cuzco, 394 m.
  • The city is situated in an elevated valley between the Central and Western Cordilleras, 9400 ft.
  • America down to the slopes of Chimborazo; the Cordilleras of the Andes separating the Castilloas from the Heveas of Brazil.

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