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  • Nulariidae, Syringoporidae, B, Diagrammatic longitudinal section Tubi oridae and Favosi- of a corallite, showing two platforms, t i dae In the first-named p,and simple and cup-shaped tabulae, t.
  • In the Tubiporidae the spicules of the proximal part of the body-wall are fused together to form a firm tube, the corallite, into which the distal part of the zooid can be retracted.
  • The corallites are connected at intervals by horizontal platforms containing solenia, and at the level of each platform the cavity of the corallite is divided by a transverse calcareous partition, either flat or cup-shaped, called a tabula.
  • - Portion of a colony of Coral- of the corallite, give it the lium rubrum, showing expanded and appearance of a madreporcontracted zooids.
  • Thus the architecture of the Helioporid colony differs entirely from such forms as Tubipora or Favosites, in which each corallite has its own distinct and proper wall.

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