Sentence Examples

  • Piers, quays, warehouses and cooperages in connexion with the fishing industry.
  • Schiedam is famous as the seat of a great gin manufacture, which, carried on in more than three hundred distilleries, gives employment besides to malt-factories, cooperages and cork-cutting establishments, and supplies grain refuse enough to feed about 30,000 pigs, as well as sufficient yeast to form an important article of export.
  • Valdepenas contains large distilleries, tanneries, flour mills, cooperages, and other factories; but its trade is chiefly in the red wines for which the district is famous throughout Spain.
  • Furniture and carriage factories, cooperages, and other manufactories of wood are numerous and generally prosperous.
  • In connexion with the wine trade there are many large cooperages; cork products are extensively manufactured for export.

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