Sentence Examples

  • In November the emperor put an end to the angry debates which ensued in the assembly by dissolving it, exiling the Andradas to France, and convoking a new assembly to deliberate on a proposed constitution more liberal than the former project.
  • Before his arrival, however, he issued simultaneously three separate decrees - one granting a general amnesty, another convoking a national convention at Ocana, and a third for establishing constitutional order throughout Colombia.
  • Together with Dellinger, Alzog was instrumental in convoking the famous Munich assembly of Catholic scholars in 1863.
  • A " primus " was to be chosen indifferently from the bishops, but to have no other powers than those of convoking and presiding over synods.
  • He abandoned Walker, who left Kansas; and he dismissed Acting-Governor Frederick P. Stanton for convoking the (now free-state) legislature.

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