Sentence Examples

  • Sliding Cont?,zct (lateral): Skew-Bevel Wheels.An hyperboloid of revolution is a surface resembling a sheaf or a dice box, generated by the rotation of a straight iAn line round an axis from which it is at a constant distance, - c and to which it is inclined at -~- a constant angle.
  • It is the Christians who say what is said about him, and it has become plain as daylight (7) Evapyeca 4caprupnvev) that Simon was nothing divine " (Origen, Cont.
  • Above Izuno Oshima (Vries the surrounding floor, is about 2 rn; while Island) (lzu) 2461 the present crater, which displays incessant (cont).
  • " The end of the catacomb graves," writes Mommsen (Cont.