Sentence Examples

  • 1652) was the first to remark that the so-called Constantinopolitan form was quoted by Epiphanius before the Council met, but was not able to explain the fact.
  • Hence the first eight months of the Christian year coincide with the Constantinopolitan year 5509, while the last four months belong to the year 5510.
  • The Constantinopolitan Indiction, like the Greek year, commenced with the month of September.
  • On the other hand The division is found applied also to the " Nicene-Constantinopolitan " creed, both in East and West.
  • Maximian, one of the Constantinopolitan clergy, a native of Rome, was promoted to the vacant see, and Nestorius was henceforward represented in the city of his former patriarchate only by one small congregation, which also a short time afterwards became extinct.

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