Sentence Examples

  • He was eventually hanged in Paris as a conspirator in 1674.
  • It was probably abhorrence of such measures that converted Thomas Reynolds from a conspirator to an informer; at all events, by him and several others the authorities were kept posted in what was going on, though lack of evidence producible in court delayed the arrest of the ringleaders.
  • ROBERT FERGUSON (c. 1637-1714), British conspirator and pamphleteer, called the "Plotter."
  • LORD EDWARD FITZGERALD (1763-1798), Irish conspirator, fifth son of James, 1st duke of Leinster, by his wife Emilia Mary, daughter of Charles Lennox, 2nd duke of Richmond, was born at Carton House, near Dublin, on the 15th of October 1763.
  • Under the influence of Aurelio Saffi he became a Republican, and was arrested as a Mazzinian conspirator in 1874.