Sentence Examples

  • It consists of a hollow sheet iron drum formed by two conoidal tubes, united together FIG.
  • It is of conoidal form, with an irregular elliptic base, and rises abruptly to a height of 1114 ft.
  • Hence, whatever the ratio f: n, the axis of the resultant screw lies on the conoidal surface z(x1+y1)=cx3~ (13)
  • By its aid, for example, the whole of the properties a elliptical arches, whether square or skew, whether level or sloping in their span, are at once deduced by projection from those of symmetrical circular arches, and the properties of ellipsoidal and ellipticconoidal domes from those of hemispherical and circular-conoidal domes; and the figures of arches fitted to resist the thrust of earth, which is less horizontally than vertically in a certain given ratio, can be deduced by a projection from those of arches fitted to resist the thrust of a liquid, which is of equal intensity, horizontally and vertically.