Sentence Examples

  • The General Association of Virginia and the Congaree Association of South Carolina now took their places side by side with the Sandy Creek.
  • Bank of the Congaree river, a short distance below the confluence of the Saluda and the Broad rivers, about 130 m.
  • Columbia is picturesquely situated on the level top of a bluff overlooking the Congaree, which falls about 36 ft.
  • By means of a canal abundant water power is furnished by the Congaree, and the city has some of the largest cotton mills in the world; it has, besides, foundries and machine shops and manufactories of fertilizers and hosiery.
  • In the middle section the Santee river is formed by the confluence of the Wateree, which is known in North Carolina as the Catawba, and the Congaree, which is in turn formed by the Broad and the Saluda, and the basin of this system embraces about one-half the area of the state.