Sentence Examples

  • Inside the ride, fog filled the initial lift, the shuttle was sprayed with coolant before climbing the hill, and a computerized navigator provided continual updates on the mission's progress, including when the shuttle went out of control.
  • This study assessed computerized medical records in the Vaccine Safety Datalink to conclude that rates of autism spectrum disorders and other neurological problems rose consistently with increased exposure to thimerosal in vaccines.
  • While many of these computerized networks existed at various universities, the real precursor to the web was the famous ARPANET, a network created by scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Department of Defense.
  • In body size, they will be the same, but the electronics, exterior paint, and interior fabric options, along with optional modest to high-cost computerized accessories, will make them appear different and carry different price tags.
  • Some facilities are now using the CurvesSmart system, a computerized program that allows each piece of equipment to keep track of calories burned, resistance used, and intensity, giving users a more personalized workout every time.