Sentence Examples

  • It should be added that Professor Elliot Smith has pointed out a certain peculiarity in its commissures whereby the brain of the diprotodonts differs markedly from that of the polyprotodonts From Flower, Quart.
  • The brain-lobes are generally four in number, a ventral and a dorsal pair, respectively united together by the above-mentioned commissures, and moreover anteriorly interfusing with each other, right and left.
  • The wide divarication of the lateral cords in the prosoma and their connexion by transverse commissures, together with the " attraction " of ganglia to the prosomatic ganglion group which properly belong to hinder segments, are very nearly identical in the two animals.
  • The pedal cords are connected by commissures, and the pedal and pleural of each side are similarly connected.
  • The perioesophageal nerve-ring of Chaetopoda and Arthropoda is represented, not by the collar first mentioned in the above description, but by the commissures connecting the cerebral and pedal ganglia.

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