Sentence Examples

  • A typical combo plate sells for five dollars and includes a number of island favorites, including Hawaiian Kalua Pork and Korean Short Ribs on a bed of fresh island cabbage, plus two scoops of rice, and a scoop of macaroni/potato salad.
  • If you're wearing a black blazer with black pants, add pops of color in other places such as a camisole, a scarf knotted around your neck, earrings, etc. Otherwise, the black blazer and pants combo looks too severe.
  • However, if you are not self-conscious about your abdominals and are simply considering the tankini/bra combo to accommodate your bosom, then there are numerous other swimsuit styles that can meet your needs.
  • Phone: Sometimes it's worth the extra money to pick up a smartphone (PDA/cell phone combo) rather than having two separate units, though many people do not like using a PDA-sized device for phone calls.
  • For smaller game room spaces in which you only have room for one large piece of gaming furniture, consider purchasing a combo game table that accommodates a variety of game room favorites.